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Where to Find Me

 Morning          3.937

Evening Net  3.987.5

(Razorback Traffic Net)

Night               3.922



Sunday Traders Nets

7.275 - 0800 - Central

7.245 - 1000 - Central

3.922 - 1930 - Central


GRID : EM25vm


Charles  Wells  

Originally licensed in January 1995 as KC5LSF, changed to my present callsign in January 1997 with my upgrade to Advanced.  Upgraded to Extra in March 1997 but retained my Advanced callsign.   I enjoy the hobby, visiting with my friends on the air. I am the license trustee for the Crawford County Amateur Radio Club. I retired from our local Sheriff's Department at the end of 2004 after having served in every position in the department from dispatcher to Chief Deputy. When I retired, I started Wells Investigation & Civil Process Service. Then I was asked to serve as Chief of Police for the neighboring town of Dyer, Arkansas. After six more years I fully retired January 2011.  Looking back now, that was the best decision I ever made.  Now I have more time to enjoy amateur radio .

Having served as net control for several different trader nets, I dislike the interference caused by rude contesting.  Rude contesters with deplorable operating practices deprive me of my ability to carry on a QSO or participate in the various regular nets during active HF contests.   I have no problem with and even enjoy some of the special event stations.  Special event stations operate on a published frequency or frequencies for a specific purpose during a limited time.  I do not support the ARRL or any other organization that blindly promotes rude contesting and refuses to sanction obvious violations of FCC rules and good operating practices.  Contests sell radios - radio sales generate advertising - advertising sales generate profit. 

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